Atheism and Faith in Today’s World

In November, 2018, I dialogued with Hemant Mehta, who runs the blog site, The Friendly Atheist. It was a delightful conversation that showed that two people who disagreed with each other could nonetheless do so in a respectful manner that facilitated a greater understanding of both sides. Especially interesting were Hemant’s reflections on why many …

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Doubting or Questioning? There’s a Difference

“Doubting Thomas” is not an endearing term. It stems from the Resurrection account in John’s Gospel when Jesus, post-crucifixion, shows up in the room where the disciples have huddled. Thomas, though, is missing. When later told about what happened, he replies dogmatically, “Unless I see him for myself, I’m not going to believe” (John 20:19-29). …

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