Honesty and Humility. Period.

After 40+ years in the United Methodist ministry, two things have become clear.

If we’re ever going to resolve our significant differences, we’re going to have to have the honesty...

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A View from Space

One of the best nature/science documentaries I’ve seen is National Geographic’s “One Strange Rock.” Narrated by actor Will Smith, it reflects on the marvels of our planet as seen through…

My Bible Is as Worn as Theirs

After the United Methodist General Conference approved the Traditionalist Plan, which kept restrictive language against homosexuality in the denomination’s Book of Discipline, there was great rejoicing in the world of…



I grew up in southern Missouri with a fondness for nature, Jesus and science.

My lifelong quest has been for a faith that makes sense and feels authentic. That combination has shaped me for over forty years as I’ve pastored United Methodist churches.

I do not believe that simply repeating orthodox standards of faith speaks to a world increasingly alienated by “Just believe!”

My writings seek a way forward that honors both heart and mind. Honesty and humility blaze that trail.

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Addressing Atheism: Is Authentic Faith Possible?

Exploring faith that makes sense and feels right.

Twenty-eight daily devotions from real life stories.

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Reflections asking tough questions, seeking honest answers. My thoughts, not necessarily the church’s.

Comments From a "Friendly AtheisT"

“As someone on the opposite side of the theological spectrum from Pastor Weeks, I appreciate his ability to discuss faith in a personal way without trying to score easy points with fellow believers. (He even gives credit to the other side where it's due, which is a rare treat these  days!)  We come to very different conclusions about God, but I have a lot of respect for people who open themselves up to debate and discussion. Addressing Atheism is an excellent starting point for Christians seeking out conversations with atheists.”

, American atheist activist; blogger at The Friendly Atheist.

Book of the Month

I Sold My Soul on eBay: Viewing Faith through an Atheist’s Eyes
I Sold My Soul on eBay: Viewing Faith through an Atheist’s Eyes

March, 2019 Selection Hemant Mehta, a young atheist activist and blogger, chronicles his visits to a variety of churches. He gives helpful "outsider" critiques to the congregations, and often dialogues with their pastors. Written with sincerit [...]