MONDAY MEDITATION: Who, Indeed? (May 6)

Who put wisdom in remote places, or who gave understanding to a rooster... –Job 38:36

…or to a mama sparrow?

I’m amazed each spring how Mr. and Ms. House Sparrow take up residence on our front porch. They build/mend the nest by the porch light with the meticulousness of a surgeon. Then mama fritters and fusses until three small eggs appear, after which she broods over them relentlessly, waiting and waiting.

The ancient writer of Job summarized the wonder of this when he looked around and thought, “How do these creatures know how to do all this? Who put wisdom in a rooster, for example?”

We forget that the surest proof of God’s existence is in the world around us. In our arrogance we can make pronouncements about God’s existence or lack thereof. The irony is that we ourselves were created out of a mystery, and grew and developed because of a “wisdom” far beyond our own doing. The surpreme irony is limited creatures like ourselves saying our Creator can’t exist based on our own limited observations.

It would refresh us if we spent more time being amazed at the world around us and less time being pessimistic and skeptical.

We can learn a lot about God from marveling at a mama sparrow, patiently awaiting the mystery of new life forming under her.

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  1. Good points for us to realize. I often think of my farm life background when I was young. Things of nature were of great interest, and made me realize a Great God existed.


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