MONDAY MEDITATION: Where’s Jesus? (May 13)

“You have heard me tell you, ‘I’m going away and returning to you.'” — John 14:28

The spiritual life, for me, is filled with ups and downs. There are times when everything clicks and you feel Jesus’ closeness, but most of the time he seems far away. It’s like the Transfiguration story. You’re walking along and suddenly you’re in the presences of a dazzling Jesus, accompanied by Moses and Elijah. You blink your eyes, though, and everything is back to normal.

But if Jesus was close all the time, then we wouldn’t need to study, meditate, or pray. We wouldn’t need a congregation of believers. We wouldn’t need to serve the needy or stand up for justice. Jesus would take care of all that for us.

He told his disciples he was going away so he could return, in a different way. Maybe it’s a little game, like Where’s Waldo? You want to see Jesus? Do what he asks us to do. As we do, he’ll surprise us every so often, just to remind us that he’s there. That will make those times even more special. And they will also give us something to look forward to.

2 thoughts on “MONDAY MEDITATION: Where’s Jesus? (May 13)”

  1. I don’t wonder so much where he is, but if He has retained His human body as He had when He ascended, or at least that is how His followers saw Him.


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