MONDAY MEDITATION: The Firestarter (August 23)

Then Moses said to himself, Let me check out this amazing sight and find out why the bush isn’t burning up. – Exodus 3:3 The tale of Moses and the burning bush is a great description of the faith journey. INCIDENT HAPPENED: Weird, burning-bush thing. Something out of the ordinary caught his attention. A bush …

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MONDAY MEDITATION: Smelly Discipleship (May 17)

Jesus said, “Remove the stone.” Martha, the sister of the dead man, said, “Lord, the smell will be awful! He’s been dead four days.” – John 11:39 Martha, the sister of her dead brother Lazarus, was saying what others were thinking. Jesus had commanded the stone in front of Lazarus’ tomb, in which the body had …

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MONDAY MEDITATION: Bucking the Harness (November 30)

Part company with every brother who bucks out of the harness. – 2 Thessalonians 3:6a (Cotton Patch Version of the New Testament) Way before tractors/trucks were horses/mules/oxen and plows/wagons. It was a popular image in Jesus’ day (Matthew 11:28-30; Luke 9:62). The sense is that if you follow Jesus, you have to be directed by …

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