MONDAY MEDITATION: Invest and Believe (July 19)

“The Lord of heavenly forces, the God of Israel, proclaims: Take these documents—this sealed deed of purchase along with the unsealed one—and put them into a clay container so they will last a long time.” – Jeremiah 32:16

There was one rule of investing that you should follow: If I buy a stock, don’t buy it. Too often I follow the strategy of buy high/sell low.

However, compared to Jeremiah, I’m Warren Buffet.

He knew the Babylonians were about to invade his country. They would take all the real estate for themselves, making property deeds worthless.

And what does he do? Pays top dollar for a field.

But he also puts the deed into a clay jar, so it will “last a long time.” It’s the prophet’s way of saying that although things look impossible now, God is still faithful. In God’s time you’ll get a return on your investment.

My philosophy of investing: invest and hope.

Jeremiah’s: invest and believe.

That should be the Christian’s philosophy, too, shouldn’t it?

A guiding principle of discipleship is investing in people’s lives, in great or small ways, believing that God will make it profitable in the future.

I wonder how many lives have been changed because of a simple, kind act. Helping someone get a job? Taking care of a utility bill? Visiting in a hospital? Delivering a meal? Inviting out for coffee? Giving a ride? Teaching a class? Listening without judging? Writing a card or email? Leaving a large tip?

There are thousands of stocks we can invest in, but there are millions of simple acts of kindness. We can track our stocks to the minute, but it’s impossible to track compassion.

We may never know the difference we make by a kind act. We can only invest and believe.

However, God is more dependable than the Dow.

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