THURSDAY MEDITATION: Gotta Sing (September 3)

NOTE: This week I’m sending a daily devotion based on reflections on Jake the Beagle. Our regular weekly/Monday meditations will resume next week. Hope these are meaningful for you!

It was nearing Christmas and, preparing breakfast, I broke out into my rendition of O Holy Night. It was only for my personal enjoyment, not for public display. The family was asleep and thus would not be tortured.

There’s a part of that song that hits a really high note. “…O night, di-VINE.” Just when I hit ‘di-VINE’ my solo turned into a duet.

Jake started howling.

I’d like to think that he didn’t howl out of pain from the screeching emanating from the kitchen. Rather, he was singing from pure joy. The human was howling, so he would join in, too. It was his way of bonding, of saying, “If you could make that God-awful racket, so can I, and we’ll let it out together.”

O Holy Night became a tradition in our household, and Jake knew it. Any time we wanted to hear him sing, I’d launch into it, building up to “di…VINE!” That would always set him off.

In a way, that beagle became my music teacher. He didn’t teach me how to sing, since a beagle’s howl will never be mistaken for a Pavarotti solo. Rather, he taught me to sing more often, regardless of the quality or lack thereof.

To sing when you’re with a special person…or when you see an elderly couple walking hand-in-hand down a lane…or when you see someone sharing a meal with a homeless man…or when you see a daughter holding hands with her wheelchair-bound mother…

For all the foibles and failings of our species, there’s much more to celebrate when you look around at our beautiful human family.

Who will inspire you today?

May you let it out with the same passion and love as Jake the beagle.

Sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord, all the earth! – Psalm 96:1

6 thoughts on “THURSDAY MEDITATION: Gotta Sing (September 3)”

  1. Many years ago, while playing my piano and singing, our cat, D.C. would climb up on the piano stool and put her paws on my bottom lip. I was never sure if she was just curious how I was making those sounds or wanted me to shut up. lol Thank you for the post.

  2. Beagle’s have a unique howl. I am a Samoyed owner and their howl is wolf-like.
    They aren’t as vocal as Beagles and all are not at all vocal. A couple of years ago at Purina held the annual Samoyed Specialty show. On the one day I was there with about 200 Samoyeds a couple of times one would start and would be joined by 20 others. The laughter of all the humans didn’t drown them out.


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