MONDAY MEDITATION: What Jesus Said Next (July 5)

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions, and give alms.” – Luke 12:32-33a

At first glance, I like more what Jesus said in verse 32 than in verse 33.

Growing up, I was blessed by parents who worked hard to provide for my sister and me. We didn’t lack for anything, while taking everything for granted.

And with no strings attached, Jesus says God is like such parents. Providing a miracle-ladened world around us; have you heard a robin sing today? Providing a miracle-ladened world inside us; isn’t being able to feel child-like joy a gift?

So that’s why his next words seem to come out of nowhere.

“Sell.” “Give.”

Why did he place an imperative just after he talked about the “Father’s good pleasure”?

Because Jesus didn’t want us to interfere with God having a good time.

When we rely upon ourselves for happiness, we more easily ignore the gifts God gives. It’s like a distracted child walking through a pile of Christmas presents and not noticing them.

We work and worry to have enough and achieve our goals. We grow defensive, fearing something bad will happen.

Meanwhile, robins are singing. Friends are laughing. Children are growing. Mini-miracles are happening.

When we stop trying to live on our terms, we start living on God’s. And that’s what makes the divine heart sing. One of the worst things a parent can feel is when a child ignores that pile of gifts and chooses to play in the mud.

What worries do you have today? Leave those things in that mud. Focus instead on the gifts at your doorstep.

Put a smile on the Father’s face.

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