MONDAY MEDITATION: A Christmas Prayer (December 27)

I hope this finds each of you in the midst of a sacred and joyful Christmas season, blessed by the love of Jesus and of the special people in your life.

I ran across this Christmas prayer and wanted to share it with you. I don’t know who wrote it, but I found it very meaningful, and hope you do as well.

Lord, we dare to ask for an outrageous portion of Your grace. We ask that You not simply equip us, but that You chase us out into Your world, the world you chose to be born into.

Make us people of vision, who look not in but out, not backward but forward, not down but up, not at what cannot be done, but at what might be accomplished by Your Spirit.

Make us those who seek mountains and not valleys; narrow paths instead of wide, easy ways; sending us to new places looking for horizons instead of waysides, tomorrows instead of yesterdays.

Give us running shoes instead of slippers, alarm clocks without snooze buttons, accelerators instead of brakes, sailboats instead of sandcastles.

Make us startle even ourselves with the power You give. For all we do is moved by Your breath, enveloped by Your spirit, filled with the wind of Your grace, and resounding to Your glory and not ours.

We pray in the name of the baby born to be the Prince of peace, Amen.

5 thoughts on “MONDAY MEDITATION: A Christmas Prayer (December 27)”

  1. Greg,
    This is beautiful. I think Greg Weeks could have written it. I will print it and put it in my Bible(s) to see often. And maybe one day someone will be looking at the things I left behind on this Earth will find it. Something my heart said was a treasure .

    That’s happened to me. I found an essay in my Father in law’s Bible that helped me know him better Love him even more. Wishing I had known him better.


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