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MONDAY MEDITATION: A Simple Prayer Exercise (March 8)

Rejoice always. Pray continually. – 2 Thessalonians 5:16-17 Our default prayer life, like it or not, revolves around “I want.” It’s the genetic basis of religion. God’s bigger and wiser, and if we get on God’s good side, we’ll get what we want. Prayer is that token we put in the celestial gumball machine. Of course …

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MONDAY MEDITATION: Suffering, Part One–The Three B’s (November 11, 2019)

Job 23:1-9; Job 23:16-17 Job is an amazingly contemporary book. The words of an anonymous Hebrew writer living in a confusing, painful time give voice to our spirits today. Lingering with the passages above, you can find three things to remember when you are facing a grueling situation that may appear utterly hopeless. Be honest. …

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MONDAY MEDITATION: Peace in Stress? (July 15, 2019)

Philippians 4:4-9 I believe in the value of stress busters. Massage therapy. Aromatherapy. Guided imagery. Meditation. Exercise. Vacation. All are good. They recharge your batteries. However, once you roll off the massage table, you still have to negotiate rush hour traffic. Stress hasn’t left. “Are you finished?” it seems to ask. “Now, let’s get back …

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