MONDAY MEDITATION: When the World Seems Crazy (June 5)

Look at the birds in the sky. — Matthew 6:26a

This was one of those days when someone should have said, “Don’t read today’s headlines.” Those days, unfortunately, seem to be coming around more often.

Another mass shooting. Dire predictions about the economy. Racist acts of violence. Missiles in Ukraine. And you know additional headlines that could be added.

The people around Jesus could have added their own as well. Romans crucify Jewish rebels. Taxes go up. Famine in areas. Diseases spread. Debtors’ prison population explodes.

With such things stirring in the hearts of the people, Jesus didn’t tell them to cheer up. He told them to look up. Change perspectives. “Look at the birds.”

Maybe he would tell us to go take a walk. Walk slowly. Look at the industriousness of an ant. The antics of a squirrel. The silent beauty of a small flower or a giant oak.

None of these was doing anything but living and enjoying the moment God provided. No fretting about tomorrow and being pushed to make decisions today. Simply living second by second in an incomprehensibly wonder-filled world, grateful to have a chance to “be” right here, right now, in this brief moment in time.

Maybe we should read less and take more walks.

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