MONDAY MEDITATION: The Ingredient That’s Sometimes Missing (March 18)

I praise the Lord–let the suffering listen and rejoice. — Psalm 34:2, CEB

My soul makes its boast in the Lord; let the humble hear and be glad. — Psalm 34:2, NRSV

It’s always struck me that beginning worship with a big song or songs that are upbeat and praisy can disconnect with people. Imagine you’re going through a difficult or painful period and you go to worship to find support, direction, or peace. Suddenly there are all these happy, smiling people thanking God and saying how great “He” is. The implication is that somehow you don’t measure up or aren’t as good as these folks because God hasn’t come through for you.

It’s like the Contemporary English Bible’s translation of Psalm 34:2. It can come across, “I’ll praise God, and you SUFFERERS should listen up.” Sometimes people who praise God the loudest are the ones who are really pointing to themselves and their seemingly favored position with God.

I like the New Revised Standard’s version better. Let the HUMBLE hear. It’s the same Hebrew word, but better conveys the meaning: “If you’ve been humbled by the difficulties of life, listen to what I’m about to say!” Both the speaker and the listener share one thing in common: they know their shared place in the scheme of things. No one is better than anyone else, and all depend upon God’s grace and generosity.

Humility keeps our attention on the One who is worthy of praise. It also connects us to each other. It’s the key ingredient that lets us say the next verse with authenticity: “Magnify the Lord with me! Together let us lift his name up high!” (Psalm 34:3, CEB)

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  1. A church I attended in Florida started their service w quiet soothing music as you entered the sanctuary. It was very soothing and meditative.


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