MONDAY MEDITATION: The Gospel According to Jim Carrey (February 7)

After calling the crowd together with his disciples, Jesus said to them, “All who want to come after me must say no to themselves, take up their cross, and follow me….Why would people gain the whole world but lose their lives?” – Mark 8:34,36b

You never know when or where the wisdom of Jesus will pop up.

The author of a blog I was reading quoted the actor/comedian Jim Carrey:

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of – so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

This is admirable, and I respect Mr. Carrey for saying this. I have no reason to doubt his sincerity. He expresses a longing for a deeper side of life. It’s wisdom coming from experience.

He preaches this, though, having already gained fame and fortune. I think it would have been even more impressive if this lesson came from a person who lived his life actively not seeking such things.

Like Jesus did.

He didn’t call the crowd together and instruct them that if they followed him, they’d be prosperous in this life. There was no prosperity preaching in him to be found. He had no tailored suit, and he didn’t live in a multi-million-dollar mansion.

Rather, he called the crowd together and told them to follow him along the path of obedience, love, and service.

Forgive and pray for enemies.

Relate to God authentically, sincerely, honestly—as a child would with a caring parent.

Help the hurting and hungry.

Give dignity and justice to the marginalized.

Jim Carrey was absolutely correct. But blessed are those who don’t need such reminders.