MONDAY MEDITATION: Sheer Awe (July 31)

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord from heaven! Praise God on the heights! — Psalm 146:1

Psalms 145-150 close the Bible’s songbook on a high note. They are pure praise. One of the underlying foundations for that praise is a reflection on just how awe-inspiring God is because of the awe-inspiring creation all around us.

A good devotion companion is looking at the pictures coming from the James Webb Space Telescope ( Perusing those shots of galaxies and nebulae from deep space makes your jaw drop.

Or, closer to home, just consider your eyeball that allows you to see those pictures in the first place. It is such an amazing, complex gift to us, enabling us to see shapes and colors and connect them all to the brain to make sense.

We praise God when we stop and consider that we aren’t God. The child-like wonder we once had must be nourished constantly so we can remember just how dependent we are on a Creator Who’s placed us in this wonderland.

I’m going to do today what I’m suggesting to you now: Go and make a mental list of the miracles around you that are so easy to take for granted. Look in the mirror. Look outside. See another’s face. Then pause and listen to the voice of praise that rises up within you.

“Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee: HOW GREAT THOU ART!”

4 thoughts on “MONDAY MEDITATION: Sheer Awe (July 31)”

  1. Kudos, Greg! Thanks for starting our week on a High Note…With so much negativity in the world around us, it’s important to SEE things around us thru a clearer lens….a Wonderland, as you pointed out!
    Neighbor Lee

  2. Miracles to us are generally highly unusual things that happen which cannot be explained for our limited brains to understand, but really everyday things such as those you mentioned, Greg, and all the things around us seem to me as miracles which God has provided.

  3. There’s no better way to be reminded of God’s miracles than to stroll through the Botanical Garden, the Zoo, or the Science Center. Mind-blowing to comprehend the miracles of creations 💕


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