MONDAY MEDITATION: How To Pick Your Politician (June 19)

The Lord God proclaims: Enough, princes of Israel! Turn aside from violence and oppression. Establish justice and righteousness. — Ezekiel 45:15

When Ezekiel prophesied these words, his country had been obliterated by the Babylonians. He looked past the destruction and saw a vision of a redeemed nation. There would be sacred space in the middle of it, for worshipping and praising God. The leaders, instead of being in the palace, would play a secondary role. Most especially, when they governed the people, they would do so with an eye for everyone being treated equally and fairly, and give special support to the weak and marginalized of society…

…Just as our leaders do, right?

Christians are to give allegiance to God, not the Republican or Democratic parties. The leaders we elect, from the top down, must fit the criteria spoken through Ezekiel. It doesn’t matter if they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheists, you name it: if they have a passion for justice and righteousness, they are God’s choice, and should be ours as well.

It’s humorous, in a weird way, to witness the actions, words, and even name calling in the political world. It truly is a circus. But Christians cut through all that. Character does matter. If you have a heart for all people, just as Jesus had a heart for all people, you have my vote.

2 thoughts on “MONDAY MEDITATION: How To Pick Your Politician (June 19)”

  1. I continue to advocate and encourage church leaders, as well as others, to become more directly involved with the important issues of government that maybe together we can change things for the better.

  2. Thank you, Greg, for reminding Christians that we have a role and can influence our elected leaders with our votes, holding politicians accountable for injustices that they allow to continue.


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