MONDAY MEDITATION: A Matter of Perspective (June 6)

God’s purpose is now to show the rulers and powers in the heavens the many different varieties of his wisdom through the church. –Ephesians 3:10

What’s not to like about flying? Endless lines. Baggage fees. High ticket prices. Cramped seats. Rude passengers. Canceled flights. Lost luggage. Have I missed anything?

Yet, the complaints don’t quite seem so daunting when you put flying into perspective. You can get to places in hours when it used to take months (if you survived sickness and robbers).

So, I’ll not grumble so much when I get the little bag of pretzels for a snack.

We take so many things for granted, it’s easy to complain. Yet, take something away that we’ve relied on, and our appreciation for it grows.

I grumble about the church. The bickering I see in United Methodism, now facing a schism as I write this, ratchets up my blood pressure. Such divisiveness is really nothing new, though. Check out church history. At least now we don’t burn people at the stake if they disagree with doctrine.

It’s amazing that the church has survived for 2,000 years. That must be because God chooses to work through it. Where else do you find people, music, teaching, mission, compassion, justice, rituals for life and death—all bound together by the one who said love God and love your neighbor as yourself?

You’re probably connected to a church in some fashion. Take it away, and what do you have? Sort of puts into perspective last week’s boring sermon.

The church today isn’t the way it was 100’s of years ago. Neither is it the way it will be in the decades ahead. But it is still where we best meet Jesus.

You can’t imagine taking away the airlines, can you?

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