Stay in Your Lane? A Bowling Parable

You can learn a lot about life from sports. My favorite sport is bowling.Here’s a little lesson learned from the alleys, with the help of a young bowler. Share Tweet +1

Christianity’s Future?

Religious identity in America continues declining. One survey found that 35 percent of Americans now identify themselves with no religion, and that 44 percent of millennials view themselves similarly. (Christian Century, January 16, 2019) It’s obvious that whatever the Christian church has been doing is simply not working anymore. The future of the church, if …

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Feeling Judged

“Don’t judge, so you won’t be judged.”  –Jesus This is one of Jesus’ most oft-quoted commandments. About any young person, non-Christian, or non-believer can quote it.   Just because it is well known doesn’t mean it’s easy to follow, of course. Every so often I’m reminded of how often I miss the mark. The fervor …

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Doubting or Questioning? There’s a Difference

“Doubting Thomas” is not an endearing term. It stems from the Resurrection account in John’s Gospel when Jesus, post-crucifixion, shows up in the room where the disciples have huddled. Thomas, though, is missing. When later told about what happened, he replies dogmatically, “Unless I see him for myself, I’m not going to believe” (John 20:19-29). …

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Have We Forgotten Who We Are?

The Wesleyan Covenant Association is a group within United Methodism advocating for the denomination’s traditional stance prohibiting same sex marriage and the ordination of self-avowed, practicing homosexuals. Earlier this year, the writer of a WCA blog counseled his readers to stay “rooted” and “grounded” in God’s Word when considering LGBTQ issues. I took that to …

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Jesus, Macro-Manager

When you read about Jesus and study his teachings, one thing becomes clear. Jesus was mostly a macro-manager. He painted in broad brush strokes upon a wide canvas. Accordingly, when his enemies set traps baited with legal minutiae, he easily stepped around them. Which (of the 613) Jewish laws are most important? Two. Love God …

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