MONDAY MEDITATION: Applauding Michigan Sunsets (October 9)

Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name throughout the earth! — Psalm 8:9

This picture was taken on a beach in St. Joseph, Michigan. It was at sunset. The boats you see aren’t there by accident. An armada of them go out every late afternoon to witness this beauty. Afterward they form a line down a nearby inlet, en route to dock.

The people on the boats join us on the shore who have sat down in the cool beach sand to admire this sight. Once the sun hits the horizon, you see it literally in motion, sinking into the water. It’s quite spectacular, and we all feel like breaking into applause at what we’ve witnessed.

Seeing the spectacular urges us to applaud. But isn’t the spectacular all around us? A rose…a child with an ice cream cone…a hummingbird…a frolicking squirrel…a maple tree changing colors…a blanket of snow?

The Creator’s name is majestic “throughout the earth,” the psalmist wrote. Not just at Michigan sunsets but in our front yards as well. Sometime today stop and admire something or someone just as beautiful, if not more so, as what I saw on the Michigan beach. And when you do, be sure to applaud.